Snbeamtech’s UFO case will give you a very unique looking system, the clear acrylic lets people see every component you chose in clear detail.  They’ve expanded their lineup with an HTPC model, keeping the clear acrylic but reducing the size to fit in with stereo components.  Four 80mm fans keep the air moving and your components cool, though you should not expect too much, the acrylic sides do not radiate any heat as metal would.  See right through it in the review on Hardware Secrets.

“Many people like the idea of having a completely transparent case and with the popularization of HTPCs – computers built to be connected to your home theatre system for playing movies and songs – Sunbeamtech released an HTPC acrylic case. Since heat is one of the main concerns when building a PC inside an acrylic case (since acrylic can’t dissipate heat, contrary to what happens with steel or aluminum solutions) Sunbeam’s acrylic HTPC case features four 80-mm fans. Let’s take an in-depth look on this case and see if lives up to our expectations.”

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