The Aerocool AeroRacer Pro is so special it has a “start engine” button, not a power button.  It does have a 40cm fan taking up an entire side panel, so overcompensation is the dominate theme with this case.  Don’t discard it out of hand however, in Tweaknews’s testing the system ran cooler in this case than it did in the open air.  If you do find the look and cooling interesting, the case is availabe for a penny under $100.

“There was a famous stripper (for want of a better handle) in the last century named Gypsy Rose Lee. Maybe you’ve heard of her. At any rate, the most famous quote attributed to her about her profession was, “You gotta have a gimmick”. A lot of product manufacturers seem to feel the same way. The PC aftermarket is no exception. Take the AeroRacer Pro chassis from AeroCool for example. This case has a couple of prominent features that AeroCool hopes will convince buyers to chose the AeroRacer Pro over the numerous other chassis’ in this class. The most obvious feature is the HUGE side panel fan. The other is one of the largest power buttons you’ll ever see on a computer case. The button has the words “ENGINE START” stenciled across it, I assume to harmonize with the AeroRacer Pro moniker. We’ve got one in the lab, and we’re going to see if this case is a winner at the checkered flag or an also ran. Come along for the ride, won’t you?”

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