Check out what The Tech Lounge got to review, the 65″ Mitsubishi LaserVue DLP 1080p TV, with Plush1080p for upconverting weaker signals … and possibly to give you a warm fuzzy feeling?  It does bear one of the biggest DLP issues, viewing angle, which is probably the main reason people may avoid buying one; apart from the $6999 entry price.  It does have a lot of traits on the positive side, such as it’s incredible colour replication and high level of detail.  Another big bonus, which The Tech Lounge almost missed, is it’s power consumption; a 65″ Sharp Aquos draw requires 525W; the Mitsubishi only wants 135W.

“Kurtis and I got another chance to check out Mitsubishi’s LaserVue DLP set in the early morning hours this Tuesday, and this time we were armed with some juicy, hand-picked HD goodness. Last time around, we only got to see content provided by Mitsubishi that was playing from a hard drive player hooked up to each set over HDMI. There were some great clips in this material, but we felt that we would be doing the Internets a terrible injustice to base our opinions solely on clips straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth. If you missed our coverage of the LaserVue launch event from a couple weeks ago, that’s where we got down with the specs and features of the new Mitsubishi set. This trip was all about picture quality.”

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