We have been seeing these rumors for some time, and now information is supposedly posted on Fudzilla that only six of NVIDIA’s current partners are going to survive “the culling”.  The apparent reason for the removal of some partners is to keep competition from over flooding the market. 

We have asked our own “very well informed sources” and I can’t corroborate ANY of this rumor at all.  I have poked several sources at NVIDIA as well as other partners both on, and off, the “list”.  One one hand this move COULD makes sense for NVIDIA but cutting off any companies cold turkey seems like the worst kind of PR move they could make. 

Very well informed sources said that Nvidia will cut all but six partners. The ones to stay are EVGA, PC partner (Zotac), Asus, MSI, Palit and XFX.

We don’t know anything more than the list and it looks that Nvidia will announce this very shortly.

Everyone else who is not on this list will be cut off and this will make much better breathing space for the remaining six partners. At press time we don’t have any more details than that.