The All In Wonder is back for the HD revolution.  It supports NTSC, SECAM and PAL, up to 125 channels on a TV tuner with stereo audio and has plenty of connectors like DVI, HDMI connectors and a Coax input for cable or antenna.  Legit Reviews was also glad to see the power of an HD 3650 for those who might want to do a little gaming as well.  Get one, your HTPC will love you for it.

“Overall I feel that the ATI All-In-Wonder HD is a great card for the casual gamer that is looking to upgrade their aging video card and would like to add HD content playback to their system. The bundled software is wonderful for anyone not planning to use Vista Media Center. There is little to dislike about the card, it is very quiet in operation and under the highest HD mode of operation the system uses less than 125W. Since so little power is used the video card stays nice and cool…”

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