A lot of thought has gone into designing the Microsoft Arc mouse.  Built to accompany your laptop or netbook, it is wireless, folds up much like a cellphone does and can work at ranges up to 30 feet.  You may never get that far away, but it is a handy feature, like the 25lbs of pressure the hinge can support.  ExtremeTech has put up a full reivew, contrasting it against the Logitech V550 Nano and Microsoft Explorer Mini.

“Microsoft’s Arc Mouse has a fitting name – a symmetrical, well crafted semi-circle shape that is suitable equally for righties and lefties. Forget the traditional soap design seen with most mice. The Arc can fold up like a flip phone for easier storage along with an auto-shutoff when closed shut. It is held together by a metal hinge that can withstand 25 pounds of pressure. Guided with a laser sensor and three Teflon pads, the Arc Mouse is fitting for smooth tracking across multiple surfaces.

The mouse measures 4.44-inches long, 2.32-inches wide and folds to 60% of its expanded size. It sports a rubberized matte surface area, outlined by a glossy strip for extra sex appeal. There’s one side button on the left, but no button on the right. The scroll wheel registers clicky detents for accurate line-by-line scrolling.”

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