Futurelooks tried out the newest Samsung Blu-ray player, the BD-P150 which is slightly cheaper than a new PS3.  Currently the PS3 is one of the best choices for a Blu-ray player, and when you remember it is also a full console, the choice seems obvious.  See if there is anything Samsung can do to change your mind by reading their full review.

“One of the newer units to hit the market is the Samsung BD-P1500, which is meant to be an upgrade over some Samsung’s older units like the previously reviewed BD-P1000 , BD-P1200 and BD-P1400. I had the opportunity to check out one of these older players some time ago and I was really disappointed with the loading time of media. Now that it’s been a while (the disc is still loading), I have high hopes that Samsung has been able to catch up to the Sony PlayStation 3, which serves as a sort of benchmark for Blu-ray movie playing. How does the Samsung BD-P1500 compare? Let’s find out.”

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