A butterfly hatching out of a barnacle is probably not a good sign, nor a familiar cityscape arising from the sands of the beach.  The grown up Little Sister still bearing a homemade Big Daddy doll hints that whichever ending you chose in the original; there was something that you missed.  Check the HD teaser over at Cult of Rapture; it’s not a trailer, it’s a teaser, so don’t be too frustrated when you don’t have any of your theories proved or disproved.

“Some of you may have heard of a teaser trailer for BioShock 2 at the end of BioShock PS3. Perhaps you checked it out on your PS3, or saw one of the many fan-uploaded videos. Today I’m proud to release the teaser trailer in high definition — feel free to download it and play it as much as you want in all its detailed glory.”

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