nVIDIA is flat out denying that they will be dumping all but six of their resellers, at least when asked by The Inquirer.  That isn’t really going to change ECS and the other companies bottom line much however.  nVIDIA cards are sitting on store shelves, but are not being purchased.  Their high end cards are faster, but also more expensive than AMD’s offerings and the huge glut of sub-$200 and even sub-$100 cards available means that their market share is falling there as well.  A little FUD from the heat failure seen in certain Dell laptops gets added to the mix and suddenly these second teir partners are really having trouble selling these cards.  nVIDIA isn’t dropping them altogether, but you can bet they will be last to get the new chips and probably end up with boards that don’t help if they try to sell factory overclocked models.

“NVIDIA HAS CATEGORICALLY denied rumours it will be slashing suppliers.

“It is absolutely untrue” said Nvidia spinner Luciano Alibrandi, of our earlier report that the firm might be about to axe five partners.

The denial flies in the face of confirmation from industry sources who specifically told the INQ Nvidia partner reductions were happening, but were being kept on the down-low.

The fact of the matter is, most Nvidia partners just can’t sell enough cards at the moment, a situation which is hurting them financially.

So this should be good news to second-tier makers like Foxconn Electronics, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), Biostar Microtech, Club3D and Albatron Technology, who were all rumoured to be getting the chop.

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