Ars Technica has put together a large, as in two parts, review of the new Apple MacBook Pro.  The first part deals with the aesthetics, the packaging and the extras that come with it.  The second part delves into it’s capabilities, general benchmarks as well as Windows gaming performance.  See how well it stacks up to the hype.

“A redesign of the MacBook Pro – Apple’s professional level notebook – has been a long time coming. The machine’s physical design has not changed at all since the MacBook Pro was originally introduced in early 2006 (which, in itself, was barely different than the PowerBook G4 before it), and its internals have only evolved over time. But as of last week’s special launch event, Apple has finally answered the call for an updated MacBook Pro, giving its flagship mobile an overhaul on both the outside and the inside.

And boy, are there a lot of changes. A single unibody enclosure. An expanded, button-free trackpad. Multiple GPU units. Oh my! In this two-part review, we’ll take a look at the new MacBook Pro in usage scenarios that range from professional to casual to entertainment. Part I of the review focuses on the new features of Apple’s latest and greatest, while Part II will focus entirely on benchmarks and performance.”

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