At 120 x 128 x 161.1mm, the CoolerMaster V8 is one large chunk of heatsink.  It’s size does allow it to use a 120mm fan which offers good cooling power without a lot of noise.  The retention brackets will allow you to install the cooler on current AMD and Intel systems, but unfortunately you will not be able to use it with Socket 1366 processors.  Check out the full review at Bjorn3D.

“In today’s world, as CPU’s get bigger and faster, we are finding out that not only do we want to have the fastest CPU available, but we are also wanting to gain that extra little kick by overclocking our CPU’s. We also want to use an inexpensive cooling solution that will not only run quiet, but also keep our CPU’s running cool without having to spend an enormous amount of money or having to spend a lot of time on setting up watercooling or phase change units. Which really leaves us only one choice left, aircooling. Aircooling is normally inexpensive and requires no real technological knowledge to set it up, while at the same time requiring the least amount of time for setting it up. Well, we may have a good canidate for that task. Today we will be looking at a new CPU cooler from Cooler Master, the V8.”

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