The Altec Lansing Soundbar is a little box with two active speakers and a passive one in the middle to sort of act as a subwoofer.  The idea behind the Soundbar is to offer a way for even the most crowded desk to cram a sound system in.  It’s price is in line with a midranged 2.1 system, and Think Computers thought the sound was certainly on par as well.  The passive driver does manage to provide enough bass that the overall sound is not too anaemic.  Check them out if you are low on space, or prefer a compact box for your sound as opposed to a pair of satellite speakers.

“When you think of desktop speaker systems you normally think of the 2.1 or 5.1 systems, but not a small compact system. The problem many people face with a 5.1 or even 2.1 system is that it takes up a lot of desk space, especially the subwoofer. Altec Lansing has recently released the SoundBar Speaker System, which is designed to clear desk space while giving you superior audio quality. Can the compact system give you great sound quality even though it lacks a subwoofer? Read on to see…”

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