A lot has been said about Enermax over the years, as the quality of their products have undergone some changes, recently the talk has been about the Enermax Revolution series.  AnandTech’s review of the Enermax Revolution 85+ High Efficiency PSU shows that the company is currently on an upswing.  The only times this unit dipped below 85% efficiency were when it was under 1000W of load on 120VAC or less, fed on 230VAC it didn’t hit the 85% until almost 1200W load.  Add the ability to provide 1200W with under 30dB of noise generated and a the $300+ price tag doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

“The appearance of our first sample was similar to previous tested models like the Infiniti or Galaxy. In fact, this power supply was originally going to be branded Galaxy 2 before Enermax chose the Revolution moniker. The original came in a gunmetal color with a golden fan-grille installed over the huge 135mm fan; all of that changed with the latest version, which will finally hit the market.

In typical Enermax fashion, the company equipped this power supply with a massive modular cabling system that can satisfy pretty much any need. Some critics will say that modular cables can cause problems with high-performance power supplies, but during testing Enermax still manages to reach very high efficiency with stable voltages.

The Revolution 85+ series comes in four different wattages: 850W, 950W, 1050W, and 1250W — although the last will only be available for 230VAC (i.e. Europe). Today we will be looking at the 1050W model, the ERV1050EWT. The feature list is impressive, with six 12V rails, no-load operation (which will be important for future hybrid power GPUs), power saving modes for upcoming CPUs, high efficiency, and all outputs rated at 50°C.”

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