As quite a few retailers and manufacturers are going to be stuck with P45 boards, there is an attempt to recover as much money as possible by making P45 based motherboards more attractive.  GIGABYTE has released their GA-EP45-DS5 Energy Saver Motherboard, who’s target market seems fairly obvious.  The two biggest features are Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced, which reduces power usage at idle and Green Ethernet, that changes power consumption based on cable length.  Futurelooks found they did a rather good job implementing these tweaks.

“Everyone is going green these days, and they are trying to find more and more products that are as green as they want to be. One way people go about is to try to reduce their electricity usage, which has lead to a whole host of power sipping products being inserted into nearly every technology company’s product line. Computers are definitely not exempt from this, and companies like GIGABYTE are hoping that they can provide high performance motherboards that are also the foundation of a greener personal computer.”

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