Chaintech has been very quiet for quite a while, they’ve yet to start on DDR3 or newer generations of nVIDIA cards and it has been forever sinve they put out a motherboard; instead they’ve focused on storage.  Any company that has dealt with memory seems to be putting out an SSD drive, and Chintech is no different.  Head to TweakTown to meet the 64GB Apogee 2.5″ SSD, an MLC drive with a lot of speed uder the hood.  The 64GB limit may make you feel a little claustrophobic but nowhere near as poor as a 128GB model would.

“Today we are looking at Walton Chaintech’s latest endeavor, solid state storage. If you frequent the pages of TweakTown you already know that this market is blowing up faster than a star hitting supernova and Chaintech is looking to cash in, as are many of the memory manufacturers.

Right off the bat you will notice that the Walton Chaintech APOGEE SSD is a great looking drive. It is a shame most of these are going to end up tucked deep inside notebooks because they truly are the best looking SSDs on the market. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the Walton Chaintech APOGEE 64GB solid state drive is a performer, too. Let’s have a look at this beautiful drive and then see just how well she performs.”

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