AMD’s invited me to its annual Financial Analyst Day in Sunnyvale on Thursday, where I expect the company’s executives to announce its netbook processor strategy.

The company is bringing out all of its heavy hitters to try and impress the financial community and bolster its faltering stock price. AMD’s CEO, COO, CMO and several other execs will give presentations and have lunch with analysts and members of the media.

I’m glad to be going, but the PR agency that invited me wouldn’t share details about what’s being announced. It’s pretty easy to assume they’ll be announcing a netbook processor considering AMD’s CEO said the following on Q3’s earnings call.

When Dirk Meyer announced that and is working on “smaller form factors and lower notebook price points”, it became pretty obvious that AMD is going to be announcing a line of netbook processors soon.  Their Financial Analyst Day is tomorrow, with a long line up of speakers and there will be a full press contingent, making it a very likely day for the news to be released.  Keep your eyes open tomorrow to see what will be competing against the Atom and Nano.