When Douglas Adams’ Starship Titanic first came out, the requirement of 160 MB available hard disk space was incredibly huge.  Windows 2K or 98SE plus Unreal and a few other programs didn’t leave 160MB free on a HDD that was under 1GB total storage.  Fast forward to a more recent machine, and a fully updated, modded and map packed Unreal Tournament 3 installation broke the 10GB mark.  Hard drives have changed a lot in a short amount of time, and TK Arena will take you back through the various media and interfaces that have made storage what it is today.

“The hard drive of a computer is where all your important information is stored. Photos, videos, documents, they’re all stored on the hard drive. Without data storage in your own PC, computers just wouldn’t be so useful for the average person. And even the average person’s demand for storage has grown exponentially. Whereas we were once content with 16MB drives, everyone’s now after their very own terabyte of space. And hard drive manufacturers deliver. Hard drive technology is one of the most impressive areas of growth in the computing industry.”

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