Sleek-Audio’s new Custom Earphones have a different focus than their previous SA6s.  The SA6s also involved the use of a mold created from your ear canal, though their particular speciality was to allow you to adjust it’s ranges after you have them.  The new customs still require the molding, but it is the aesthetics that can be personalized.  Everything from the colour of the earbuds to the length of the cabling, plus you can have custom logos added.  techPowerUp! does leave you with one warning, make sure you figure out the levels while you are ordering, once you have these earbuds, it can not be changed.

“Sleek-Audio made a remarkable entry into the world of in-ears almost a year ago with the successful launch of their SA6 customizable earphones. Today I have the pleasure of putting their first custom earphones through its paces. Based upon the same principles as the SA6 the user decides the frequency response. However, unlike the SA6 you cannot change the sound signature after they are produced. In the ordering process you decided what level of bass and treble you want. Since they are custom in-ears you also get to choose the color and graphics if you want that.

The Sleek-Audio concept of letting the user decide which type of sound they want has made them one of the top brands when it comes to in-ears. The custom earphones they produce do not allow you to swap sound ports like on the universal SA6, but because they are custom fitted, the comfort and other aspects of their performance might be better. The pricing for the custom made ones is a bit higher than that of the SA6s, which can be had for around $200 plus shipping on the web, the price for a basic Sleek-Audio Custom earphone is $299 that is excluding shipping, impressions (which usually cost around $50) and custom artwork.”

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