Sapphire are the only company offering the HD4850 X2, the little brother of the 4870 X2.  With only the one supplier, these cards can be hard to spot, but from Ryan’s testing, you can see this card pushes past the GTX 280 in the majority of tests.  It also has a very unique back plate featuring four DVI outputs as well as an S-Video, giving you serious support for multi-monitor set ups.  Read his full review at the top of the page.

“Why would just one board partner be willing to offer such a compelling part? There several factors that likely include the economic slump, the slight drop in prices on the HD 4870 X2 cards and inventory availability. Even taking that into consideration I find it very confusing that AMD seems content to have this graphics card be such a low volume product. With its great price (currently competing with NVIDIA’s GTX 280 cards) and performance advantages (that you will see in our benchmarks) I really think the Radeon HD 4850 X2 could catch on in the enthusiast segment.”

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