ASUS is certainly a brand with a lot of recognition, though perhaps not as a PSU maker, which is exactly what the Asus U-75HA is.  It provides 750W of output, at a claimed 85% efficiency; bit-tech didn’t do much testing on the efficiency, they focused on the stability instead.  The four 12V rails were solid and the PSU had no problems powering their 240W peltier cooler along with the rest of the system.  The PSU market is fiercely competitive and so is ASUS; keep your eyes open for more PSUs.

“I do like the Asus U-75HA power supply, Asus fans will love it … but to be honest, I’ve seen better. Having said that, it does offer good performance, good stability, and with four +12V rails at 18A, it’s more than enough to satisfy most mainstream users. If you’re after a decent mainstream power supply with a good brand name … then the Asus Asus U-75HA is worth considering.”

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