HP have always been a big name in the laptop industry and are making a splash with their new HP 2133 Mini-Note, a netbook with an 8.9″ screen.  Powering it is a VIA C7-M processor on a VIA VN896 chipset and it runs SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop OS.  InsideHW did like the netbook overall, but are really looking forward to the upcoming Atom version.

“The appearance of first netbook by Asus, EEE PC, brought to polarization in public opinion. While supporters of netbook concept accentuated mobility and low price, opponents had some other arguments in their favor. First was the fact that work on such a small device is uncomfortable, and the second objection goes to its toyish looks that only goes hand in hand with young girls and boys. Time showed that new netbook models with 8.9-inch and 10-inch diagonals can offer to most users quite satisfactory work conditions and HP 2133 Mini-Note PC completely changed stereotypes when it comes its toyish looks…”

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