Nehalem is here and it arrived in a huge way, with well over two dozen reviews for you to dig through and have your questions answered.  Does the triple channel memory actually improve performance … yes.  Does the new architecture handle multiple cores better than Core2 … Yes, and in ways you have never seen before.  Does it overclock … oh ya! 

What will it cost … Core i7-965 EE @ 3.20 GHz – $999, Core i7-940 @ 2.93 GHz – $562, Core i7-920 @ 2.66 GHz – $284. 
Can you buy them yet … no.

Start off with Ryan’s review as he takes them through an extended version of our testing process.

“Intel’s new Core i7 series of processors is a modern marvel of technology that brings previously inaccessible performance to the consumer. In areas where multi-threaded applications are dominant, heavy multi-tasking is the norm or multimedia encoding is the primary function, the move to a HyperThreaded Core i7 part is a no brainer. But Intel’s biggest problem might not have anything to do with AMD or another outside source: the fact is that the Core 2 Quad processors are still fantastic performers, widely available and pretty damn cheap. Anyone that has a quad-core system will likely not find a compelling performance benefit to upgrade from it to a Core i7 unless they subscribe to one of the usage models mentioned above. Intel has definitely attempted to curb this dilemma with the introduction of the $284 Core i7-920 and I think that this CPU will find its way into many of our reader’s machines.”

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