After a few revisions and a drop to a more reasonable price, OCZ’s Neural Impulse Actuator is still around, but not many people have picked one up.  Legit Reviews decide it was time to flex their mental muscles to see if the NIA had changed much and to give them an excuse to make faces at their computer.  They came away with the feeling that while some may excel at using the NIA for gaming, not everyone is going to enjoy the experience.

“Flipping the NIA circuit board over over we can see “OCZ Technology power by Brainfingers Technology”. A quick Google search of Brainfingers will land you at the home page for a company that builds and designs hardware and software that enable you to control your computer totally hands-free. Looking deeper into the Brainfingers site you quickly find out that Brainfingers designed this technology to be used by a broad range of people with disabilities. Even users with minimal ability to control facial muscles can usually learn how to map ‘clicks’ to a number of special controls. OCZ Technology saw a chance to bring this technology to a totally different market as it also can work for gaming since a PC must be used to make it work and the signals could easily be mapped to actions in games…”

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