In between football games and feasts, you may have some free time this weekend, so why not see if you can increase the power of your PC with a little overclocking.  Sure, it does tend to void your warranty; the risks must be weighed against the benefits, so it never hurts to have a little help.  The Overclocking Forum can help you out in that respect.  On the other hand, maybe you have a motherboard you are rather proud of and would like to save it as part of a collection

Audiophiles will find a home in our Audio Corner, you can share a lot of good advice with others of the same inclination.  For example, what are your favourite earbuds, that you would recommend to anyone? In the memory forum, it is all about timings versus raw speed.

Also, while you have all this free time, make sure you’ve entered yourself in our contest to win a 9800GT, and why not give the 42nd PCPer Podcast another listen?