One of the biggest growth opportunities for PCs has been the recent surge of HTPCs and DVRs, which make TV and movies much more enjoyable thanks to time shifting and proper HD support.  Unfortunately, the extra features on these machines make them a little harder to control with a remote.  That’s why products like the Vidabox Premium Wireless Keyboard are becoming a lot easier to get a hold of.  techPowerUp tried out this little wireless keyboard and it’s trackball, so you don’t have to buy it without knowing what you are getting.

“With HTPC’s gaining more and more in popularity, various input devices and peripherals for them are becoming a more integral part of the market. With many options to choose from for keyboards, mice and the combination of both, it’s hard to come to a conclusion on what suits the HTPC best. Vidabox may have an answer with their Vidabox Premium Wireless Keybaord w/ laser trackball as an all in one solution.”

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