The current unpleasant economic conditions across the globe right now are cutting into a lot of peoples spending money.  Enthusiasts shouldn’t be too badly off, we are all used to our hardware investments dropping significantly in value over a very short amount of time, stock market investors on the other hand are not as used to it.  Since any money you invest may well lose money and provide very little fun, you should seriously consider investing in more parts for your PC, as you will have a lot more fun while their value plummets.  To help out, you should always check the Hardware Leaderboard, with four different system suggestions at different price points.  There is the Dream System which will set you back $3761, a High End System for $2025, the Mid Range System Leaderboard is $1055 and the Budget System only $616 that can still play modern games, just not with all the bells and whistles.  If those aren’t what you are looking for, ask around the Hardware Leaderboard Forum for suggestions on alternate setups.  If you still can’t get what you are looking for there is always our Trading Post, where you can buy or swap parts with fellow PC Perspective forum members.

Once you have your parts, there is still plenty of value to be had from the forums.  With a dedicated forum for every major motherboard manufacturer and reseller, you can be guaranteed to find someone who has played with your board and can pass on tips to help you get the most out of your new PC.  They have also probably seen just about any problem you have run into as well, if things don’t go perfectly right off the bat.  If you want to focus more on specific parts other than the motherboard, we’ve still got you covered.  Maybe you want to know more about the upcoming Core i7 from Intel; just drop by the Processor forum and you can become an expert in no time.  If you are more concerned about your graphics, and are overwhelmed by the unprecedented amount of choice, then it’s our Graphics Forum you want.

No matter what your question or challenge, you have an indispensable resource at the top of your fingers, just click on into our Forums.