It’s a LANShark and it’s from Smooth Creations, which means two things.  One is that the exterior of the PC has an incredibly well done airbrushing job, this particular model having a nice surfing motif on a clear acrylic case.  The second thing is the power of the PC it’s self.  Inside the LANShark you will find an overclocked Q9550 and a pair of HD 4870 1GB in CrossFire and a 4GB kit of Patriot DDR2 clocked to 900MHz.  Take a gander at all the pictures over at Legit Reviews.

“So what can we say about this beauty from Smooth Creations? For the intended audience it’s great. If you appreciate art or really want a departure from the norm for your next gaming PC, Smooth Creations’ LANShark is one to keep on your short list. However the one thing I’ve left out until now is the price. At $2,537 this is not an inexpensive machine, but it really isn’t an incredible amount of money over the sum of its parts. When you consider the amount of work that’s been put in, the 1 year warranty on the parts, and the lifetime warranty on the paint (excludes scratching and chipping of course) it really isn’t a bad price if you’re in the market for a system you don’t put together yourself…”

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