The original SideWinder gaming mouse was not well received, most reviewers couldn’t wait to finish their testing and toss the mouse into a corner, never to be seen again.  Now there’s a Sidewinder X5 which futurelooks was brave enough to pick up.  It is very similar in design to the original, with a slightly lower profile and different programmable features.  In the end, while certainly better than it’s predeccesor, futurelooks felt a mix of the two mice would be a huge step in the right direction.

“When we last looked at Microsoft’s revitalization of the Sidewinder peripheral line, we weren’t very impressed. Though the mouse was technologically sound, it was painfully uncomfortable to use. We weren’t alone in that assessment either; sites all over the Internet penned the Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse as a rodent. Well Microsoft has taken another crack at the gaming mouse market, and they’ve scaled things back a little bit with their latest endeavour. This latest mouse, the SideWinder X5, is as much a slight redesign as it is an extension of the existing product line into less expensive territory. They shave a few pounds off the old design, which still leaves us with one burning question. Is this new mouse still a pain to use, or does it pass muster?”

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