Sure it’s almost $4000, but the dream system is supposed to be something you dream about, right?  The Core i7-965 Extreme Edition processor is a quarter of the total price and 6GB of DDR3 doesn’t come cheap, but who can really put a price on playing Crysis with all the settings at maximum.  Check out Ryan’s new take on the High End, Mid Range and Budget systems as well.

“The Dream Leaderboard gets the Core i7-965 Extreme Edition processor selling for just over $1000 as it comes with fully unlocked overclocking support and the top speed of 3.2 GHz stock. I chose the Gigabyte EX58-UD5 motherboard for this system mostly due to the fact that it was the ONLY board showing up when I made this update, though it is still a feature packed and competent solution. The only other change here was to the memory system that gets a bump up from 4GB to 6GB thanks to the triple-channel memory controller integrated on the CPU.”

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