Now that the heatsink retention clips have changed from the style which required you to push down and in quite strongly to attach the heatsink, or if it goes badly then to drive the screwdriver or knife through the motherboard and tracings, the least favourite part for many is the application of thermal paste.  Trying to get it spread thinly and evenly on the core and then trying not to smear it when placing the heatsink on can be frustrating.  Gelid has a solution, their new Silent Spirit CPU Cooler comes with thermal paste already on the heatsink.  That certainly wasn’t the only good thing that techPowerUp had to say about this inexpensive, quiet and fairly powerful cooler.

“Gelid Solutions’ Silent Spirit CPU cooler is a small, lightweight, high performing heatsink for both AMD and Intel CPUs (including Intel Socket LGA1366). Its four heatpipes connect to a pure copper base and an angled block of fins to cool surrounding motherboard components. The cooler is also extremely silent with Gelid’s silent 9 2mm PWM fan attached.”

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