Two 1080p displays from BenQ the 22″ E2200HD and the 24″ E2400HD are both up for review at AnandTech.  Both models have DVI with HDCP support inputs along with HDMI and analog VGA.  Either will give you a nice crisp display at it’s full resolution, but make sure that whatever you use to input to these LCDs can provide full 1080i or 9, both displays have aspect ratio issues at 720p. 

“Their latest “innovation” is that they are leaving behind 16:10 aspect ratios and instead going with 16:9 FullHD/1080P displays (at least for some models). Why is that important? Honestly, if all you ever do on your PC is surf the web, play games, and do office work there’s a very good chance you will appreciate the difference. Where this is useful is in support for native HDTV resolutions. Instead of a vertically stretched image filling your 16:10 display or black bars on the top and bottom, you can watch HD content at its normal aspect ratio and have it fill the whole display. This is supposed to help with watching the latest Blu-ray movies, but there’s just one small problem: a lot of HD content doesn’t use a 16:9 (1.78) aspect ratio. Instead, many DVDs and Blu-ray movies now use a 2.39 AR, so you still end up with black bars on the top and bottom.”

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