If you have seen Evil Dead and various other horror movies, the paint job on the Smoothbook DR will bring back fond memories, as it is a bang on reproduction of the Necronomicon.  Don’t think that the beauty of this machine is only skin deep, there is a Q9500, 4Gb of DDR2-800 and two 8800M GPUs inside, as well as an SSD and a Blu-Ray drive.  Check it out at TweakTown.

“Today we’re looking at a notebook, although it’s more an encyclopedia collection than a single book when it comes to size. This is due to the fact it’s a desktop replacement; what this means is you get the ability to lift the unit up and move it around with you while still having the power of a full blown computer.

Getting back onto opening the box; instead of being greeted with your new notebook in a piece of plastic, we find ourselves looking at a briefcase with the Smooth Creations logo on it. This isn’t a cheap brief case either; it’s strong, sturdy, nice looking and packs some serious weight. Upon pulling the beast that is the Smoothbook DR out of the briefcase, your jaw hits the ground faster than the speed of light. Like the Asylum we checked out a while back, the Smoothbook DR is sporting one of those fancy airbrushed paint jobs which is nothing short out astounding to look at in the flesh.”

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