One of the favourite rumours for fear mongers to spread has been the discontinuation of either Win2K or XP.  That’s made all the more easy to do thanks to Microsoft’s continuing cycle of claiming to be discontinuing licensing and support, and then changing their mind and continuing to support the ageing OSes.  As The Inquirer reports, they have finally discontinued support a licensing for one of their legacy OSes … Windows 3.  If you are still running a 10MHz Intel 8086/8088 and 640KB RAM, you might want to consider finally upgrading.

“MICROSOFT STOPPED publishing licences for Windows 3.X as of November 1st, finally discontinuing its first successful mass-market graphical PC operating system, which had straggled* along for over 18 years.

The Vole released the initial version of Windows 3.0 in May 1990 and set the pattern early for its business model of repeatedly extracting more revenue from customers for essentially the same software by churning out several point-release versions with bug-fixes and small improvements in subsequent years, culminating with Windows for Workgroups 3.11, which added basic LAN networking, and Windows 3.2 with Simplified Chinese language support.”

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