If you are looking for triple channel memory, consider Corsair’s Dominator Tri-Channel DDR3-1600 6Gb kit, with timings of 8-8-8-24.  They sport the now familiar DHX (dual-path heat eXchange) cooling system and as they run at 1.65V so heat will not be much of an issue with these DIMMs.  CPU3D managed a fairly good overclock and recommend turning on XMP in your BIOS as it really changed the amount of throughput for these DIMMs.  They didn’t leave the competition in the dust, but Corsair certainly has a winner with this kit.

“Corsair’s Dominator Tri-Channel DDR3-1600 6Gb kits are well worth considering, if you’re after excellent performance and good overclocking ability. In addtition, the DHX cooling technology, with its grooved heatspeader and optimised fins looks great and it effectively cools the modules during heavy load and overclocking. Corsair have delivered a great memory product suitable for all Core i7 users, including the hardcore enthusiasts and overclockers. The price is something they need to work on.”

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