Buying music online is a great way to experience new bands and to keep up with your favourties, but you must be careful of the presence of DRM.  If you want to keep the music forever, you have to be aware of how your license works and if there is a chance that sometime down the line the licensing server might be turned off, taking your license to listen to the music with it.  Well, that’s not a problem for these fellows in the general forum, there is a way to pick up DRM music cheaply and reliably.  They’ve also found a good deal on a Blu-Ray player.

In the processor forums, the availability of the Core i7 chips from Intel is keeping some busy while they wait for the release of the new AMD parts we heard so much about earlier this week.  In the Cooling forum there is a bit of debate about the effectiveness of a blow hole in the top of a case, and just what fan size offers the best benefits.  The most active members of the graphics forum must be getting sore fingers trying to keep up with the huge deluge of cards that have hit the market, as well as keeping an eye on the horizon as the changes to the graphics market just keep coming. 

Once great side effect of these changes we are seeing to the CPU and GPU market can be seen in our Trading Post, a lot of recently out performed components are showing up as people migrate to Core i7; drop by and wipe out a swath of your Christmas shopping, or pick it up new through PriceGrabber.