nVIDIA is trying to bring the supercomputer back to the desktop with their Tesla, a system boasting four Tesla C1060 cards with a quad-core CPU and 16 GB of RAM plus a few 960 graphics cores.  All told, including the Tesla C1060 cards the system should push around 900 GFLOPS in the proposed configuration.  Starting at around $10,000 you won’t see to many of these at LAN parties, but you may spot one at a university lab party.  Get all the electrifying details at The Inquirer.

“SUPERCOMPUTERS are especially trendy this week after SC08, but it seems even regular desktops could soon be getting the super treatment with computer makers like Dell seriously mulling the possibility of a PC built around Nvidia’s Tesla floating point accelerators.

” The idea isn’t one that’s just been pulled out of a hat, but previous attempts at desktop supercomputery have all been a bit of a flop (as opposed to FLOPS). But Nvidia seems to think a Tesla desktop might just cut it, and has set about convincing the likes of Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Scan and Boxx to start configuring one up.”

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