AMD announced in April that they would be reducing their workforce by 10%, or 1650 jobs.  Yesterday saw the second round of job cuts, with 500 people being let go from all but AMD’s brand new ‘The Foundry Company’ in Dubai.  The Foundry Company’s 3000 employees are supposedly safe, as they represent the fruition of the Asset Light program of AMDs.  One engineer will apparently missing being picked on by The Inquirer.

“AMD HAS cut 500 jobs in a world-wide cull.

A general swing of the axe saw workers in a variety of functions packing up their spanners and staplers.

One senior engineer even bade a fond farewell to the INQ.

“It is pretty serious,” he said. He was one of 150 from AMD’s home town Austin to go.

The company said the cuts are in line with its statements that it will cut a workforce of around 15,500 to 12,500 by early 2009.”

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