If lack of socializing is getting you down, pick up Left 4 Dead, which will have you bonding with 3 other people in a much deeper way than you will on Team Fortress 2.  The anti-social loner won’t last too long in Valve’s new cooperative multiplayer game.  Don’t worry about not having top of the line hardware either, [H]ard|OCP’s testing shows that every new card can support the highest in game options with full anti-aliasing and anisotropic filters at ~40fps at a resolution of 2560×1600.  If you are using a lower resolution, even the low end cards should allow you to max out everything.  Get out there and make sure you don’t upset The Witch.

“Valve Software’s newest game, Left 4 Dead, is a first person zombie shooter with Valve’s typical high polish and refinement. But how does it perform? We’ll show you, on the latest video cards from AMD and NVIDIA with plenty of image quality screenshots to boot.”

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