The Q6600 is on it’s way out, Intel will be giving it the kiss of death in the first quarter of 2009.   DigiTimes places it’s official end of life is in the second quarter.  If you manage to bake your chip while overclocking, it will be a perfect reason to think about an upgrade and you can also expect to see good deals on any pre-built rigs featuring the Q6600 as standard.  On a more positive note, pricing for the Phenom II appeared briefly on an Australian e-tailer, giving The Inquirer a chance to figure out the likely pricing we will see on this side of the Pacific.

“Intel is planning to start phasing out the 65nm Core 2 Quad Q6600 in the first quarter of 2009, prompting several PC and channel vendors to start planning to cut Q6600-product prices to clear their inventory before the end of this year, according to sources at PC vendors.

Intel will issue a product discontinuance notice for the Q6600 in the first quarter next year, and call end-of-lifecycle in the second quarter.

Acer has reduced pricing for its Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600-based desktops to below NT$13,900 (US$418) for the IT Month consumer show in the Taiwan market, and other vendors are expected to follow suit.”

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