You can get a little closer to owning an Intel Core i7 processor; some online retailers are selling the three models as a pre-order, according to CNET.  The preorder may ensure that there is stock, but sadly you will still have to wait the six days until the official launch before you can actually lay your hands on it and get it into a system.  It still may be a great idea if you want to be the first kid on your block to have one, we really don’t know how much stock will be available nor when the other major online retailers will offer preorders.

The Intel Core i7 processor is being bid up at online retailers–about a week before its official launch.

Though Intel isn’t slated to launch the Core i7 processor until November 17, processors are ready for order at online retailers. The Core i7 represents the vanguard of Intel’s new Nehalem microarchitecture.

PC Connection is selling the 2.66GHz Intel i7-920 processor with 8MB of cache memory for $334. The sales status is currently “on order.” The official pricing from Intel–its pricing will likely be updated early next week–is expected to be lower at about $285 for the 920.

Stepping up to the i7-940, PC Mall is hawking the 2.93GHz “BOX CORE I7 940” for a pre-order price of $722. PC Connection lists it for $661. Intel’s list price is expected to be approximately $560.

The higher prelaunch street prices are not surprising as this reflects pent-up demand for the product.

The high-end 3.2GHz 965 “Extreme” version of the i7 is available at various e-tailers, ranging in price from $1,090 to $1,300. Intel pricing should be just less than $1,000.