The introduction of the X58 chipset brought a lot of new features to the PC, none more desired than a board that can handle both SLI and Crossfire.  The first X58 board to do so, the ASUS P6T Deluxe, ended up on Ryan’s test bench recently.  Not only does it have that advantage over the Intel DX58SO board, it also overclocks a lot better straight out of the box.  Read on to see how the board tested against previous generations of board as well as the Intel X58 .
“And how can we forget that this is the FIRST STANDARD MOTHERBOARD TO OFFICIALLY SUPPORT BOTH CROSSFIRE AND SLI to hit our test bench? We have seen a couple of complete system builds used “special” drivers to offer the same experience and yes the Skulltrail platform from Intel last year also had SLI/CrossFire support but was weighed down by extreme component pricing. The Intel DX58SO motherboard does NOT support SLI either – due to Intel and NVIDIA being unable to agree on licensing terms (read: Intel and NVIDIA had a pissing match).”

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