The Gainward HD 4870 1024MB Golden Sample runs 25MHz over stock at 775MHz on the GPU and 100MHz faster for the memory clock, effectively 4,000MHz when you push the Turbo button.  That is enough speed to notice an improvement over the basic HD4870 and the non-standard cooling solution did help with the heat.  The increase in performance does come at an increase in price, on high enough that bit-tech would not really recommend this card as a good value, especially with it’s lackluster overclocking abilties.

“Despite delivering both excellent thermal and gameplay performance on the whole, we can’t help but feel that the Gainward HD 4870 1024MB Golden Sample is a little bit of a letdown, especially considering the £30 price premium it carries over the stock HD 4870 1GB. For that extra fifteen percent of investment the in game frame rate returns are generally around the two to three percent mark thanks to the very conservative core overclock, which is pretty disappointing.”

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