As you might assume, the recent AMD announcements and Intel’s Core i7 almost here, the Processor Forum is busy with comparisons between the two new processor lines.  The folks in the Overclocking forum are also excited, it’s been a while since the last new overclocking challenge appeared.  Any overclocking will require a good heatsink, the topic in the Cases ‘n’ Cooling Forum is focused on whether their current coolers and PSUs will be compatible, or powerful enough, to deal with an overclocked Nehalem.

It’s not all Shanghai and Nehalem though, the outcome of the recent election has generated a big buzz in The Lightning Round, which has either saved or doomed the USA, depending on which side you personally believe in.  If you want a less charged atmosphere to blow off some steam, there is always the Off Topic Forum or the very popular bar in the BOINC forums

Wherever you decide to head to, make sure not to forget our new Podcast, this is the 41st episode and does touch on Nehalem a little.