nVIDIA’s new driver revision, 180, offers some nice benefits to those who install it.  SLI on multiple monitors is much easier now, with the software allowing you to choose which display gets the SLI, as opposed to completely disabling monitors and playing with plugs.  PhsyX support is also made a little easier, so you can easily choose which nVIDIA card will run your graphics and which will handle the physics processing. AnandTech walks you through all of it here.

“A long time ago, NVIDIA used to get us excited about new driver launches. Back in the GF2 days, we would see features and performance improvements to cheer about coming out all the time. Even in the GeForce 6 series time frame when NVIDIA was playing with dynamic compilers and shader replacement we could at least expect the occasional surprise. But lately we just haven’t seen anything to jump up and down about in the average driver drop.”

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