When FrostyTech can set you up with a list of coolers 132 models long.  Every LGA775 compatible heatsink worth mentioning is included, from the incredible Prometeia Mach2 GT that will keep you 50C below ambient to the dangerous to run Igloo 5058 Light E that ran at over 60C above ambient.  Read through and see where your cooler sits, and which models might be better.  Too bad they may have to start from scratch with the Core i7.

“Why compare 10 or 50 Intel heatsinks when Frostytech has a 132-heatsink-long comparison chart to go by? Frostytech.com answers all in this months’ billboard-sized Top 132 Intel socket 775 heatsinks chart! Intel heatsinks are ranked according to their performance on a 150W heat load, ranging from -50°C to 50°C over ambient! The warmer heatsinks in the chart account for many of the low-noise coolers, sound level data can be found in each of the full 132 detailed reviews. Download the full chart in PDF format here.”

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