As you may have heard Ryan talk about his experiments with Powerline ethernet on our Podcast, or maybe you watched him on Leo Laporte’s TWIT show, but finally we have a full review posted of his results.  Installation is about as easy as plugging in a toaster, though there are some benfits to knowing the electrical wiring of your house.  If the nodes are on the same circuit, you can expect 62 Mbps or so, just under 8 MB/s.  If you go onto another circuit, you still get connectivity, it is simply reduced in speed to 12 Mbps, just over 1.5 MB/s, which should still be enough to stream a movie, but I wouldn’t suggest you try doing network backups.  Check out the whole story.

“Installation of the Linksys powerline networking kits could not be any easier – there are no drivers and no software requirements at all. For probably 99% of users you will need to simply plug in one device to a power outlet near your router and then connect its Ethernet port to your router and then plug in the second node elsewhere in the house and then plug its Ethernet cable into the PC or switch. Viola, instant network.”

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