Envision isn’t a big name in monitor, but that didn’t stop OCIA from trying out their Envision G218a1 22″ professional monitor.  The stats look good, 1680 x 1050, a response time of 5ms, brightness of 300 nit and the contrast ratio is 700:1.  In testing, it did offer enough quality that it would pass for most gamers wanting more screen for less money, but make sure you find it at the $160 price that OCIA did.

“30 may be the new 20, but 22” is definitely the new 19”. When LCD monitors first started rolling into the mainstream market just a few years ago, 15” was the standard size. Since then, the average size of the LCD monitor has steadily risen – from 15” to 17”, then to 19” wide, and recently 22” widescreen has become the size to get.

We have for review today Envision’s G218a1 Professional Series 22” widescreen display. At just over $160 at Geeks.com, the G218a1 definitely comes in friendly on your wallet and hopes to be a choice pick for the budget rig.”

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