FarCry 2 is a showcase for DX10 and what it can bring to gaming if used properly.  From their previous testing, [H]ard|OCP showed that the performance in DX10 does not bog down as it has in previous titles.  Now they set off to display the visual differences you will see between ultra high settings in DX9 and ultra high DX10.  Lighting effects, shadows and antialiasing all show the biggest differences, and though they may be hard to spot during intense action, they certainly add to the immersion while you are wandering the peaceful plains.

“The trilogy is complete; our in-depth coverage of FarCry 2 is concluded with this look at DX9 versus DX10 image quality. Is there a noticeable difference between DX9 and DX10 in FarCry 2? We will answer this plus show you some of the cool features like Fire, Blood, and Real Tree quality differences.”

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