As much as you may want a 100″ high def display, the space it takes up can really put a damper on your plans.  That doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming, you just have to dream of a different box.  For $1000 you can get your hands on a 720p projector, or for $2000 you can get 1080p quality.  If that sounds like something you could use in your life drop by Digital Trends to see all 10 models.

“Flat panel HDTVs are certainly popular, but to get a really big picture, you’re talking really big money. At sizes over 100 inches, expect to pay five or six figures – and that’s before considering the cost of the hassles associated with actually installing one of these gargantuan beasts. Home projectors, on the other hand, can offer a very large (100-inch-plus) image for under $5,000, with some 720p models actually dipping below the $1,000 mark. Throw in a projection screen and you’re talking high-quality video viewing at a fraction of the price of a similarly-sized flat-panel set. Following are ten of our favorite home cinema projectors that offer excellent picture on a very large scale.”

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