A curious thread over at HardOCP seems to indicate that at least one lucky fellow was able to buy an AMD Phenom II processor a bit earlier than he was supposed to.  Luckily for you, he has posted some specifications, benchmarks and just general impressions of the product over there as well, so check it out.
Sorry for making another thread, not sure if it is the right thing to do but anyways, here is what I have for a system to test things on.

Cooler -OCZ vendetta 2
CPU – Phenom II 940
Ram – 2x2gb Mushkin redline
mobo – MSI K9A2 plat
video – 2x 4870, 4×4850 (installed right now is 1x 4870)
H/D – WD5000AAKS
PSU – Corsair HX1000
O/S vista ultimate 64bit

I have super pi runs done now and will do some 3dmark 06 in a few min